How does it work?

  • Refer Friends between 12th to 18th September 2022
  • Share your unique referral code (LINK: https://www.fynd.com/profile/refer-earn)
  • When each friend sign’s up using your referral code, you will get 200 Fynd points and they will get 100 Fynd points
  • Refer more than five friends to win 2000 as Fynd Points
  • You will receive 2000 as Fynd Points on 20th September 2022. They will be valid for one week. 
  • Shop between 23rd to 25th September 2022 and enjoy an extra 30% off using your Fynd points
  • Note: 1 Fynd Points =

How does this Offer benefit me?

  • You get 200 Fynd Points for each Referred Friend who joins, which can be used to avail Extra Discounts
  • Every weekend between 8 pm to 10 pm, Fynd runs a “Redeem Shower” event, wherein a customer can utilize their Fynd Points and avail of Extra 30% off. Click to Know more (https://www.fynd.com/page/fynd-discount-hack)
  • If you refer more than five friends, you will receive 2000 Fynd points. You can use these points to shop between 23rd to 25th September 2022 and enjoy extra 30% off
  • This offer is valid only for September 2022

Where will I find my Referral Code?

Can I share Fynd Points with my friends and family?

  • No, you won’t be able to share Fynd points because they will be linked to your mobile number. They can only be used by you and nobody else. If we discover that you have misused the points in any manner, we reserve the right to cancel all your orders without any explanation.

Can I return the order that I purchased using Fynd Points?

  • Yes, you will be able to return, refund, or exchange any products purchased using Fynd points, As subject to Fynd’s Return and Exchange Policy

What happens if the order placed using Fynd Points gets canceled by Fynd?

  • Owing to high traffic expected during the sale period, it is likely that products may sell out quickly. We indeed provide on-time delivery; however, brands may cancel an order citing unavailability of stock. Thereafter, we are bound to cancel an order in such a situation and we shall not be liable to compensate the buyer.


Terms and Condition

Please read these Terms and Conditions (“Offer Terms”) carefully before availing of the Refer & Earn – September 2022 offer (“the Offer”) from 12th September 2022 to 18th September 2022 (“Offer Period”) being organized by Shopsense Retail Technologies Limited (“Fynd”) on www.fynd.com ("Fynd Website") and on Fynd mobile application (“Fynd Mobile App”), collectively called (“the Platform”). The customer (“Participant/You/Your”) agrees that, by participating in this Offer, Participant will be bound by these Terms and acknowledges that Participant shall satisfy all the Offer eligibility requirements as provided hereinbelow.

Offer Eligibility:

  • Download Fynd App or update your Fynd App, if you already have!
  • Refer all your friends to download and sign up on the Fynd Mobile App between 12th September 2022 to 18th September 2022, using your unique Referral Code. Refer more than five friends and win 2000 Fynd points on 20th September 2022.
  • You can visit our Fynd Discount Hacks page to know more: https://www.fynd.com/page/fynd-discount-hack
  • 2000 Fynd points will be credited in your account on 20th September 2022, to avail Extra 30% Off between 23rd to 25th September 2022. 
  • Pick any of your favorite products from our specially curated catalog.
  • Complete the checkout process
  • Pay the delivery fees of ₹49/- (non-refundable)
  • Done! Your order will be shipped to you! 
  • Happy Fynding!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Offer is valid only if You Refer your Friends to download Fynd Mobile App and when your referred friends join between 12th September 2022 to 18th September 2022, refer more than five friends and win 2000 Fynd Points on 20th September 2022.
  2. You shall be given 2000 Fynd Points on 20th September 2022.
  3. You can redeem the points in September 2022 to avail extra discounts.
  4. To avail of the Offer, the Participant will have to Download Fynd App or update their Fynd App, if they already have one.
  5. These Offer Terms are in addition to the Fynd's platform policies including but not limited to Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, etc. displayed on the Platform (collectively referred to as “Platform Policies”) to which you agree upon browsing the Platform. In the event of any conflict between Platform Policies and these Offer Terms, these Offer Terms will prevail for the purposes of this Offer only.
  6. Any Participant availing these Offers shall be deemed to have accepted these Offer Terms.
  7. Participants are not bound in any way to participate or avail this Offer. Participation in this Offer is voluntary. The Offer is being made by Fynd to you, purely on a best effort basis.
  8. All matters related hereto (including interpretation of these Offer Terms) shall be final and binding on all the Participants. 
  9. The decision of Fynd in providing the 2000 Fynd Points to You shall be undisputable and final. 
  10. Participants can shop on the platform across all global brands which shall be accessible through our specially curated catalog. 
  11. The Offer applies only to items listed on Fynd’s Website and App.
  12. The Offer is limited to per Participant.
  13. The Offer cannot be converted into cash or credit.
  14. Fynd reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time.
  15. The 2000 Fynd Points cannot be used with any other current offers on the Platform.
  16. Fynd cannot be held responsible for any of the instances pertaining to the Offer, nor will Fynd re-issue, compensate, accept or provide any remedy of reasons including but not limited to;
    1. If the product is unavailable as confirmed by the brand/seller;
    2. If, for any reason, the brand/seller cancels the order;
    3. If, the Participant could not avail the Offer due to any force majeure, technical or server problems of any kind which may prevent a Participant to avail the Offer during the Offer period;
    4. If the product is lost during the transit;
    5. In case of any other events beyond Fynd's control including technical glitches that may cause the Offer to be disrupted or corrupted or may lead to loss of, or damage to the Participant. The Offer cannot be combined with any other offer available on Fynd website/app.
  17. In cases of fraudulent/suspicious transactions, Fynd reserves the right to revoke the offer.
  18. Fynd does not accept responsibility for any network, computer, or software failures and has no responsibility for lost, delayed or misdirected entries.
  19. Applicable shipping and handling charges apply to all products.
  20. Orders made via use of Offer are subject to the Terms & Conditions applicable on FYND website/app.
  21. The Offer becomes void if restricted or prohibited by law.
  22. Fynd reserves the right to amend, revoke, modify or cancel the Offer at any time, without any liability.
  23. In the event of any dispute in relation to this Offer T&C, the decision of Fynd in respect of such dispute shall be final and binding and no correspondence or request shall be entertained in this behalf.
  24. Participant hereby agrees to indemnify and keep Fynd harmless against all damages, liabilities, costs, expenses, claims, suits, and proceedings that may be suffered by Fynd as a consequence of (i) violation of the Terms by the Participant; (ii) violation of applicable laws; (iii) any action or inaction resulting in willful misconduct or negligence on the Participants part.
  25. Participants agree that these Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and courts in Mumbai, Maharashtra shall have exclusive jurisdiction to decide over any controversy arising out of the Offer.