How does it work?

    1. Refer Friends between, 23rd to 28th Nov 
    2. Share your unique referral code (LINK: https://www.fynd.com/profile/refer-earn)
    3. When each friend sign’s up using your referral code, you and your friend get 2000 Fynd Points
    4. Refer 10+ Friends and when they sign up using your referral code on Fynd App, Get FREE SHOPPING worth up to ₹2000
    5. Free Shopping Coupon code, will be sent to you via SMS/PN on 29th Nov by 9:00 pm
    6. Enjoy Free Shopping on 30th Nov 2021 from 11:00 am to 11:59 pm

What is the benefit of this offer for me?

    1. You get 2000 Fynd Points for each Referred Friend who joins, which can be used to avail up to 60% off. 
    2. Every weekend between 9-10 pm Fynd runs a redeem shower, wherein a customer can burn their Fynd Points and avail up to 60% off. Click to Know more (https://www.fynd.com/page/fynd-redeem-shower)
    3. Free Shopping up to ₹2000 on 30th Nov 2021, depending upon the no. of referred friends who joined

Where will I find my Referral Code?

You’ll find your referral code here: https://www.fynd.com/profile/refer-earn Please Note: The person whom you are referring to needs to use your Referral Code while signing up.

Can I share the FREE SHOPPING coupon code with my friends and family?

  • No, you won’t be able to share the coupon code because it will be linked to your mobile number. It can be used only once and nobody other than you can redeem the code. If we find that you have misused the code in any way, we reserve the right to cancel all your orders without any explanation.

What will be the delivery Fees on 30th Nov 2021?

  • The delivery fee is ₹129. This is a non-refundable amount and will not be returned even if the order gets canceled.

Will I get flat 100% off on all the products or limited products?

  • Yes, the coupon code will apply to all the products listed on the Fynd website and app. You will get 100% off up to ₹2000 on no min. order.

Can I return the order that I purchase using the FREE SHOPPING coupon code on 30th Nov 2021?

  • No, you won’t be able to return, refund, or exchange any products purchased during the sale for whatsoever reason.

What happens if the order placed using the FREE SHOPPING coupon code on 30th Nov 2021 gets canceled by Fynd?

  • Owing to the high traffic expected during the sale period, products may sell out quickly. We indeed provide on-time delivery; however, brands may cancel an order citing unavailability. Thereafter, we are bound to cancel an order and we aren’t liable to compensate the buyer.

What if there’s an unexpected glitch, and I am unable to place an order on 30th Nov 2021?

  • We have boosted our servers to handle multiple users keeping in mind the overwhelming response received during the last few sales. This time, we have taken adequate measures and kept the FREE SHOPPING coupon code valid on 30th Nov 2021 from 11:00 am to 11:59 pm for eligible customers. Due to any circumstance, if the customer is still not able to place an order, we aren’t liable to compensate the customer.