Terms & Condition

1. Gift Cards will be delivered to your email inbox in 24 hours
2. Gift Cards have a validity of 6 months or as per the validity can be revised as per the offer and the giftcard coupon. Gift card are the offers which Fynd runs so the coupon validity will be referred on the website as it is subject to change.

3. Gift Cards are non transferable in nature as it can be used on the registered contact details only.

4. No two gift cards can be used in a single purchase 

5. One gift card can be redeemed only once

6. Minimum purchase value to be able to use a gift card varies from card to card

7. Orders placed using Gift Cards can not be refunded in cash or bank transfer 

8. To be used on Fynd Platform.

9. Gift Card cannot be used with any other offer including the Referral benefits.

10. Ones the gift card is purchased cannot be cancelled or refunded.

11. If anyone forgets to apply the coupon then no new coupon will be issue nor the money will be refunded. No extension of coupon will be given post it expires. So please use the coupon before it expires.

12. Delivery charge will be applicable separately it will not be deducted from the coupon value even though if there is sufficient balance remaining(Note:- Delivery charges are subject to change. For more details you can feel free to chat with Fynd customer support team or mail us on care@fynd.com)

13. We have noticed coupon misuse for returned and cancelled orders to carry forward the validity to avoid such fraudulent activity the validity of the coupon has been reduced to 1 week or the mentioned time frame. For details you can chat with us or drop us the mail at care@fynd.com. In case of any kind of cancelled orders or returned order the validity of coupon will not remain same.

14. Once you receive the Gift Card, Fynd is not responsible if a Gift Card is lost, stolen, or used by someone else. No new card will be provided nor the investigation is possible as it becomes sole responsibility of the person who have purchased the Gift Card