What is Malamaal Daily?

  • We will be running lotteries daily worth Rs. 20,000 for a limited period of days. 
  • Lotteries will start running from 8.30 PM. The total duration will be just 1 min.
  • The payment will be in Fynd Cashback.

How do I participate?

  • Refer min. 10 people to get a lottery number. The lottery number will be in our lottery EVERYDAY. You stand a chance to win the lottery EVERYDAY.
  • You will get one lottery number for every 10 referrals. For example, if you refer 30 times, then you get 3 Lottery numbers! Those 3 numbers will be in our lottery everyday. So Refer more to get more chances of winning the lottery. Any day could be your lucky day.

To summarize:  10 referrals : 1 lottery number | 20 referrals : 2 lottery numbers | 30 referrals : 3 lottery numbers etc


  • We will be running 2-5 lotteries daily. If you win, your WINNING lottery number will not be used going forward. However your other lottery numbers will still be running in lotteries.
  • We will be checking winner profiles and will credit the cashback on the same day.
  • We will ask the winners to post on social media and we will repost it on our platforms. Talk about chance to fame!

Fynd Squad

  • Fynd Squad members have one exclusive lottery everyday. 
  • Fynd Squad members can participate in all lotteries. So members have more chances to win a lottery.